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Pet Hospice. Home Euthanasia. Aquamation.

Euthanasia Authorization Form

This form authorizes Kindred Spirits to perform humane euthanasia for your pet at your home or in our comfort room.  

Aquamation Request & Release Form

Print and complete this form to request Aquamation services and select memorial keepsakes.  Leave it with your pet's body at the veterinary clinic or provide it to Kindred Spirits staff if they pick up your pet at your home or bring it with you when dropping off your pet at Kindred Spirits.  Drop-off must be pre-arranged.  

Personalized Engraving Form

If choosing to have your pet's urn engraved, please print and complete this form.  

Submit this form with the Aquamation Request & Release Form.

Online Aquamation Request & Release Form

Use this form to request Aquamation Services and pet pick-up from your home or your veterinary clinic.  This form can also be used to provide personalized engraving information.

New Patient Quality of Life Information Form

Print and complete this form prior to the Quality of Life Assessment appointment.

Quality of Life Scale & Daily Diary

Hospice clients can use this form to assess your pet's Quality of Life and track their condition and potential changes.