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Quality of Life Assessment

Whether your beloved pet has a chronic condition, a life limiting disease or problems associated with natural aging, you may not be sure if your pet’s life journey is at the end or what decision to make. We understand your concerns and Kindred Spirits Pet Services offers end of life counseling to help with this challenging situation. 

Dr. Barrett can perform a Quality of Life Assessment for your pet to help you make the best choice for you and your companion. We will contact your veterinarian to request medical records to learn as much as we can about your pet before the assessment. Dr. Barrett will meet with you and your pet in the comfortable environment of your home rather than the busy and stressful setting of a veterinary clinic. The assessment can also be completed in the Kindred Spirits comfort room if needed. We want to understand the health problems your pet is facing and what their usual day is like to best determine both their and your physical, emotional and social needs. 

The assessment includes a physical examination, pain evaluation, and questionnaire regarding your pet’s quality of life. Dr. Barrett will provide you with options and guidance, which may include:

  • additional testing and treatment with your primary veterinarian or specialist
  • pet hospice and palliative care through Kindred Spirits to improve your pet’s comfort and quality of life and maximize the time you have with them
  • natural death at home or humane euthanasia to end pain and/or suffering

Dr. Barrett will not prescribe any medications or provide treatment unless your pet is enrolled in pet hospice.  Enrollment can occur during the Quality of Life Assessment visit for an additional fee.  

Gentle humane euthanasia can also be administered after the Quality of Life Assessment visit for an additional fee.