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Pet Hospice. Home Euthanasia. Aquamation.


Honoring The Bond With Your Pet Through Dignified End of Life Care.

Let Our Family Take Care Of Yours.

About Us

Dog and cat angels next to K and S for Kindred Spirits

Quality Veterinary & Aftercare Services

We are a local and family-owned company that provides compassionate and loving end of life care for your pet by honoring the unique bond between you and your loved one. We provide pet hospice and home euthanasia services, as well as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional flame cremation, called Aquamation. We are the first and only company in Arizona providing this gentle and natural aftercare service.

Dr. Kellie Barrett created Kindred Spirits around a philosophy that pets deserve respectful and gentle care in their final journey of life. She is from Nebraska and completed her veterinary degree at Iowa State University. Dr. Barrett has worked in various clinical settings including animal shelters, private practice, and a nonprofit organization providing veterinary services in underserved areas. She has lived in Tucson for more than 8 years and enjoys time with her husband, 2 children, and their rescue dog Roo. 

What Sets Us Apart?

  • The first and only company offering Aquamation in Arizona
  • A gentle eco-friendly process that does not harm the environment
  • Local family-owned company
  • Beautiful, quality memorial products - no plastic urns
  • Paw Print Display provided with every Individual Aquamation package
  • I.D. tracking system to ensure you receive your pet's remains
  • Pets are held in our cooler, not in a freezer
  • Owned and supervised by a licensed veterinarian
  • Dr. Barrett is CAETA certified in gentle & advanced euthanasia techniques
  • In office comfort room available
  • Dr. Barrett is certified in Low Stress Handling techniques
  • Communal remains are respectfully scattered on private and public lands
  • We will treat your pet like our own from the moment we meet them
  • Entire end of life process managed by one compassionate company: hospice, euthanasia and aftercare

Dr. Kellie Barrett and her dog Roo.

Dr. Kellie Barrett and her dog Roo.

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