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Home Euthanasia in the Tucson Area

Compassionate and Peaceful End of Life Care

Kindred Spirits and Dr. Barrett know that saying goodbye to your beloved and cherished pet is a difficult decision. These beautiful souls provide unconditional love and companionship and their time with us can be too short. If you are unsure if it is time for humane euthanasia or want to discuss other options, Dr. Barrett can perform a Quality of Life Assessment to help guide your decision. If you and your family are ready for euthanasia, Kindred Spirits provides the opportunity for a quiet, peaceful experience to say goodbye in a private and comfortable setting; away from the busy, noisy, and stressful veterinary clinic. Your pet will be in familiar surroundings with their favorite bed or toys with normal smells and less anxiety. You can avoid the stress and difficulty of transporting your loved one to a clinic. Your other pets can be present to help them understand and grieve the loss of their friend. Dr. Barrett will move at a pace that is comfortable for you and your family, you can remain with your pet throughout the entire process, and she will make it personalized for your religious or cultural needs as much as possible.


In Home Euthanasia

Dr. Barrett will come to your home to meet you, your family, and your pet. She will explain the euthanasia process, discuss the aftercare options for your pet' s remains and complete some minimal paperwork. Dr. Barrett will then give your pet sedation to allow them time to fall asleep gradually before the last injection is given. Once your pet has peacefully passed away, Dr. Barrett will give you time to spend with your loved one. If you are electing Aquamation with us, she will respectfully take your pet with her and will return the remains to you personally at home in 1-2 weeks if individual Aquamation is selected. 


In Office Euthanasia

If you and your family would prefer not to have in home euthanasia, but would still like a private and quiet experience, Kindred Spirits offers in office euthanasia in our comfort room. Dr. Barrett will arrange to meet you, your family, and your pet at our location. If you elect Aquamation aftercare, your pet will remain at our office and we will arrange for you to pick up your pet's remains in 1-2 weeks if an individual Aquamation package is selected.

Kindred Spirits Convenience or Aggressive Animal Euthanasia Policy

Dr. Barrett will not perform a “convenience” euthanasia on a healthy pet. There are options for re-homing healthy pets, so please contact the Humane Society of Southern Arizona or the Pima Animal Care Center. She will also not perform euthanasia due to aggressive behavior issues. There are options for training and behavior modification or there could be an underlying health issue. Please contact your veterinarian to address these issues. If those options have been exhausted, please contact Pima Animal Care Center for euthanasia options.  Since Dr. Barrett operates independently, it would be unsafe for her to euthanize an aggressive pet.

Kindred Spirits comfort room.

Kindred Spirits comfort room.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which areas do you service?

Dr. Barrett will travel throughout Tucson, Oro Valley, and Marana, as well as Oracle, Saddlebrooke, Avra Valley, Three Points, Sahuarita, Green Valley, Corona de Tucson and Vail.  She may travel beyond these areas for an additional fee.  

How will I know when the time is right to say goodbye?

You know your pet best and will notice changes in their behavior and quality of life. Dr. Barrett can help you identify signs that euthanasia is appropriate and can assist with your decision making. Some indications to look for include:

  • Not interested in food or water
  • No longer able to control their bowel and bladder function
  • Not greeting you when you come home
  • No longer grooming themselves (cats and some dogs)
  • Not wagging their tail
  • Isolating themselves away from other people or pets in the home, particularly in places they usually do not go
  • Decrease interest in playing or performing their usual activities
  • Unable to stand or walk on their own
  • Change in personality (depressed, aggressive, confused)
  • More “bad” days than “good” days

Many owners struggle with the decision to euthanize their pet and may feel guilty or that the act is immoral. Pet euthanasia is actually a gift you can provide to your beloved companion by preventing unnecessary physical suffering as well as unneeded emotional family stress. It is better to euthanize a week too early than a minute too late. 

Should children be present during the euthanasia?

It is best for children to have an opportunity to say goodbye to their pet. Children younger than 5 years old may not understand what is happening and children older can be very resilient in these situations. Children are often more upset by their parents’ reactions, so some may benefit from being in another room while the euthanasia is administered. It may be helpful for them to say goodbye before the pet is removed from the home. However, you are the parents and know best.

Should my other pets be present?

Your other pets can benefit from being able to say goodbye to their friend if it is not disruptive to your ailing pet or the euthanasia process. Other pets could stay in another room and then observe and smell their housemate after they pass. This can provide the closure they may need rather than searching for their missing housemate. Some pets may seem unaffected while others may demonstrate a stressful reaction. They may need extra attention and support, just like you. 

Does euthanasia hurt?

No, there is no pain. Dr. Barrett will sedate your pet to help them relax and transition into a state of anesthesia where they will be asleep and feel no pain during the process.  Their passing results from an overdose of another anesthesia medication which shuts down their brain before their other organs.

Which is better, euthanasia or natural death?

Some owners are not comfortable with euthanasia for a variety of reasons and opt for a natural death. While some pets pass away peacefully, most do not. The dying process can be painful and stressful to the animal and difficult for owners to watch. After witnessing a pet’s natural death, many owners regret their decision knowing they could have prevented their loved one’s unnecessary suffering. However, if your pet passes away naturally before they can be euthanized, it is not a bad thing. Natural death happens very frequently.