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Financing options


Scratchpay is a simple and easy financing option for veterinary services.  It is not a credit card.  It is a transparent payment plan with 3 options including 3 months interest free or longer terms with interest and no hidden fees.  Inquiring about a payment plan will not affect your credit and you can view your available offers by clicking on "FIND YOUR PLAN NOW".  Scratchpay donates 1% of their revenues to non-profit pet organizations.



CareCredit is a 3rd party credit card that can be used to pay for health, wellness and pet services.  You have 6 months to pay your balance at 0% interest.  If you do not pay the entire balance in full by then, be aware there is a 26.99% interest rate that will be applied retroactively from the date of purchase.  You can apply online by clicking on "Apply Now".


I already have a CareCredit card

If you already have a CareCredit card, you can pay Kindred Spirits directly by clicking on "Pay Now".