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We Are Proud to Partner With These Great Organizations

Sunrise Pet Clinic

Ironwood Pig Sanctuary

Ironwood Pig Sanctuary


Ironwood Pig Sanctuary

Ironwood Pig Sanctuary

Ironwood Pig Sanctuary


Veterinary Collaboration


Kindred Spirits is eager to partner with veterinary clinics that want to offer their clients the most gentle, natural and respectful aftercare service available. Aquamation is a water-based alternative to traditional flame cremation that does not harm the environment and provides a dignified farewell for beloved pets.

As a partner, we see ourselves as an extension of your practice and will provide the upmost customer service with integrity and high quality memorial products to your clients. We also believe in simple transparent pricing without hidden fees or surprises. We treat all partners equally with the same discounted rates. 

Why partner with Kindred Spirits? 

  • Kindred Spirits is owned and operated by a local licensed veterinarian who understands your unique relationship with your clients
  • We are the only company in Arizona offering this gentle and environmentally conscious option of Aquamation
  • Stainless steel pet I.D. tracking system for all Individual Aquamation services and requested memorial products
  • Veterinarians and staff receive discounted services
  • We provide the paperwork, cadaver bags, and I.D. tags
  • High quality products beautifully presented to your clients - no plastic urns

Contact us today to discuss a partnership and schedule a facility tour. Kindred Spirits is happy to partner with the best veterinary clinics in the Tucson Metro!


Euthanasia Referral

Kindred Spirits provides your clinic with an opportunity to refer the entire end of life process to a non-competing consulting veterinarian to provide a peaceful experience in a quiet environment. Referring this process to Dr. Barrett and Kindred Spirits can help your clients avoid associating a painful loss and difficult experience with your clinic, which is a place of healing, not death. 

Is the euthanasia process stressful for you personally as a veterinarian? Have your clients been scheduled for euthanasia, then had to wait longer due to an emergency in the clinic which made their experience even more traumatic? Do your clients feel rushed through the process because they know you have other appointments to see? How often do the owners struggle to transport their beloved pet to your clinic because of the animal’s decline or the owner’s own limitations? Dr. Barrett provides ONLY end of life veterinary services and is not a full-service veterinarian. She will present herself as a consulting veterinarian and will work to preserve the established relationship between you and your clients. Your clients will appreciate your referral as an extension of your practice and considerate customer service.


Veterinary hospice referral

Dr. Barrett has delivered bad news to many pet owners regarding a terminal diagnosis or life limiting condition. This often leads pet owners to feel like nothing else can be done and humane euthanasia is their only option. Others choose to take their pet home for the remainder of their life, but you may wonder if the pet had appropriate care or if they suffered unnecessarily. In home veterinary hospice can provide the owners with additional time and the pet with improved quality of life in their remaining weeks or months. It can help the owners come to terms with their pet’s situation and allow them to make an informed decision on humane euthanasia or hospice-assisted natural death. 

In Home Veterinary Hospice may include:

  • An individualized hospice care plan to best meet the pet’s and owner’s needs
  • An evaluation of the home environment for home or daily routine modification to  maximize owner–pet interaction and comfort
  • Owner or caregiver training regarding vital sign monitoring and nursing care like pain management, wound care and fluid administration
  • Education regarding illness and disease progression, as well as grief support and resources to make the most informed end of life decisions


Why refer to Dr. Barrett and Kindred Spirits?

  • Dr. Barrett can provide humane euthanasia in the client’s home or in the Kindred Spirits quiet comfort room
  • Dr. Barrett is NOT a competing full-service mobile veterinarian
  • She is CAETA certified in advanced and gentle euthanasia techniques and also certified in Low Stress Handling® techniques
  • She will complete a certification program through the International Association for Animal Hospice and Palliative Care in 2021
  • Dr. Barrett will present herself as a consulting veterinarian and will work to  preserve the established relationship between you & your client
  • She will communicate with you as needed throughout the process
  • Your clients will appreciate your referral as an extension of your practice and considerate customer service

Your clients and their beloved pets deserve the best experience possible in their final journey together.  Contact Kindred Spirits today!